Our Reactors

What we offer

  • Improved two stage Laterally Stirred Tubular Reactor (LSTR), with a patented scum breaker design and packed microbe holding arrangement
  • Equipped with submersible agitator / baffle wall which helps in better digestion and circulation of the slurry inside the digester and avoid settling of the solids. It also ensures maximum volatile solids degradation
  • Fabricated from IS 2062 grade mild steel of 6mm thickness, with double layer epoxy and PU coat and is tested at 3 times its operational pressure
  • Indigenously developed efficient crushing-cum-pumping system, submersible heater for automatic temperature control
  • Uncomplicated installation, quick construction time and quick start-up
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC) based panel for ease of operation and control of the plant .
  • High-quality standardized components and parts, low maintenance operation
  • Stand-alone operation possible


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